Nia Bella's Top Hair Care Tips - Straight From The Experts

Proper nutrition with hair root nourishment is required for healthy hair and scalp. You may get strong and long hair with the right nutrients and hair care routines.

Haircare specialists, on the other hand, believe by following proper correct hair care treatment and routine, the fantasy of having healthy hair can often become a reality. This post will provide you with a curated list of the best hair care techniques.

You may be having a bad hair day but just following these hair care points given below, will help your hairs look shinier, smooth and make them strong.

 1) Wash your Hairs Regularly

Cleaning your hair regularly ensures that debris and excess oil are removed from your scalp and hair. The optimum frequency, however, is determined by your hair type and personal preferences. Limit your hair washing to twice a week if you have excessively dry hair. Washing your hair on alternate days will assist if you have an oily scalp.

 2) Use Chemical Free Shampoos

You won't be able to manage all of the environmental elements that harm your hair, but you will be able to regulate the shampoos you use. The fewer chemicals in your shampoo, the healthier your hair will be.

Shampoos with sulfates and parabens are used to lather and maintain hair, but they can cause skin irritation and raise the risk of hormone disruptions over time.

It is the most crucial part to select the best head wash product as per your hair type.

 3) Use Good Quality Serum

The serum is the modern way of taking proper hair care in a simple yet affordable way. With the blend of various nutritions and vitamins, that deeply nourishes the hair scalp and give new life to your hairs with enhanced hair texture and softness.

Truth Serum from Nia Bella is well known because of its high anti-oxidants content with essential vitamins and fatty acids that help in providing shine, smoothness, and elasticity. 

This Serum is suitable for all hair types and is free of toxins and dangerous chemicals.

 4) Condition Correctly

The elements in your conditioner help to make your hairs look straight and manageable. It shields your hair from external irritants as well as heat styling.

Always keep in mind that conditioner should only be used on the tips of your hair, not on your scalp and also make sure to thoroughly rinse it off after use.

 5) Dry Hairs Naturally

We're aware that blow drying your hair will make it look as good as your on-screen idol's. Excessive heat style, on the other hand, can harm your hair's scalp. If you have to style, keep it to large events.

After shampooing, air drying or towel drying is the finest way to go. Wet hair should never be slept in or combed. Rubbing your hair with a towel too hard might harm the cuticle. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

 6) Oil your Hairs Regularly with Essential Hair Oil

Pre-shampoo activities such as oiling and massaging stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, increase shine, and strengthen the hair. It also replenishes moisture, promotes hair development, and heals split ends. You'll have a choice of coconut oil, expressed almond oil, olive oil, purgative, and so on.

 7) Use a Wide Toothed Comb

Wet hair is delicate and prone to breaking. Allow your hair to air dry before brushing it with a wide-toothed comb. This type of comb protects your hair from damage.

 8) Drink More Water

Internal and exterior hydration are both essential for well-balanced and healthy hair. Although you'll be applying moisturizing hair care products and oils but consuming at least 3-4 litres of water every day is essential for optimum hair health.

 9) Eat Healthy

As long as we write about hair and skincare, we will continue to say that you are what you eat. Proteins and amino acids make up your hair. It needs sufficient nutrients to thrive and flourish.

Eggs, berries, almonds, salmon, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes are just a few examples of healthy hair foods.

 10) Stop Hot Showers

Use lukewarm water to clean. This is preferable than using hot water. When hot water is applied to the scalp, the pores on the scalp open up. The natural hair oil will be stripped away, resulting in damaged hair cuticles. To avoid this tragedy, rinse your hair with cold water right away to shut the pores. Lukewarm water is gentle on hair and will prevent it from becoming dry and flaky.

 11) No Stress

Experts have connected hair health to stress and lifestyle, which may come as a surprise. People with great healthy hair often engage in activities with less anxiety and stress than those who have unhealthy hair.

 12) Get a Regular Trim

To avoid split ends, trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. When the hair is broken due to heat styling, pollution, smoking, and stress, split ends appear. Hair doesn't grow faster just because you trim it. Hair growth occurs at the scalp level, but regular trimming keeps hair healthy.

 13) Break Unhealthy Habits

Our habits can have an impact on the health of our hair. As a result, if you value your hair's health, you should avoid unhealthy activities that can lead to hair loss. Furthermore, breaking a bad habit aids in the maintenance of excellent hair as we grow older.

So, by choosing chemical-free products for your specific hair type, eating well, avoiding heat styling, and following all of the above advice, you can say goodbye to terrible hair days! But, most importantly, if you have a lot of hair fall and damage while following a good hair care routine, you should see a doctor.